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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Ep 8 – 29 June 2022 Presented By Head & Shoulders (Eng Subtitles) ARY Digital

Review of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 8: Mahek is murdered on her nikkah day

Shamsher is making all necessary arrangements for his upcoming marriage. He urges his mother to accompany him on all the fragrance shopping, but she is reluctant and unsure of her decision. Shamsheer is also taking charge of preparations for Mehek’s family. The whole situation seems quite retarded, and the latter is emotionally overwhelming to witness.

Despite his negative and difficult attitude, Shamsher is portrayed as a romantic hero, emphasising his passionate love for Mahek. The story now takes a turn where he is shown as a real lover. However, Mahek’s decision to give up and sacrifice himself to protect his family is reactionary. It would have been better if she had fought for herself or raised awareness about her condition through social media.

Shamsher’s father, Nawab Sahib, is playing another game of deception. He pretends to agree to Shamsheer’s marriage and insists that every member of the family attend the ceremony. However, behind the scenes, he is planning something evil. He contacts an undercover goon for a special mission to kill Mehek on her wedding day. Shamsheer, being naive, fails to understand why his father suddenly becomes so supportive. He also fails to notice the menacing presence of his hired hitman.

We all prayed for Mehek’s safety, but to our dismay, she tragically met her end. A hired hitman crashes Mehek’s car into a truck while she is returning from a salon wearing a bridal gown. The goons mercilessly set his car on fire, resulting in Mahek’s death. The story has taken a new turn, hinting at the sword’s possible transformation and redemption. Anyway, we are in shock over Mehek’s untimely death. We won’t miss seeing the beautiful Dur e Fishan in future scenes, but hopefully we’ll get a glimpse of her through flashbacks.