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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Ep 4 – 1st June 2022 Presented By Head & Shoulders (Eng Subtitles) ARY Digital

Review of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi’s fourth episode: Shamsher cancels Mahek’s nikkah

ARY Digital’s drama series, “Kisi Teri Khudagharzi,” portrays an authoritarian mindset and raises several concerns. Danish Taimur gave a brilliant performance, but it’s time for him to break free from typecasting. Dora Fisha’s portrayal is equally impressive, though we wish for stronger and more empowered female characters. In the previous episode, Shamsheer wreaked havoc on Mehek and his family, and in this episode, he disrupts Mehek’s marriage and kidnaps her groom, Ahsan.

One can’t help but question the world Mehek’s mother lives in as she brings up the idea of marriage. Does he not realise that Mahek’s marriage will have no effect on this obsession with Shamsheer and will not hinder it in any way? Why is she risking Ahsan’s life? We can sympathise with Ahsan’s mother, who is rightly concerned about her son’s safety.

Ahsan’s mother uses a ruse by revealing the marriage plan to some of Shamsher’s mutual acquaintances. However, it seems implausible that she knew Shamsher’s acquaintances, let alone how quickly they conveyed her message to her. Ahsan’s mother takes a risky step, as Shamshir, driven by his passion and obsession for Mahek, could potentially harm or kill Ahsan in order to marry her.

Mehek’s marriage, which we consider an unwise and unfavorable idea, is finally annulled by Shamsher. He makes his signature entrance to Mahek’s house before going to Ahsan’s house, where he forcibly drags her out and kidnaps her. Mehek was left in shock, an outcome they all feared. Ahsan’s mother unknowingly played into Shamsheer’s hands. It is surprising to think what Mehek’s family was thinking, believing that once Mehek was married, Shamsheer would automatically leave her alone. As if he respects such relationships.

Ahsan’s father’s insistence that the marriage will take place only after his arrival seems unnatural. At this time, he should worry about his son’s life. Shamsher, at gunpoint, threatens Ahsan, warning that he will kill her and her family if he insists on marrying Mehek. Poor Ahsan has no choice but to comply with Shamsheer’s demands. Shamsher’s father, on the other hand, lives in a delusional state, still believing that Mehek is seducing his son and has planned the kidnapping of another boy. This is ironic and funny! The heartbreaking final scene unfolds when Ahsan returns home and apologises to Mehek, revealing that he can no longer marry her. Shamshir has overcome his main obstacle, but now he must face opposition from his own family.