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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Ep 5 – 8th June 2022 Presented By Head & Shoulders (Eng Subtitles) ARY Digital

Review of Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Episode 5: Mahek worries about having to suffer the penalties

The episode starts with Ahsan reaching home, and it’s really heartbreaking when he rejects Mehek’s proposal. Not only does he refuse to marry her, but he suggests that she marry Shamsher, claiming that he would be more suitable for her. This statement is absolutely disgusting. While it is understandable that Ahsan would be threatened by Shamsheer, his father’s insistence and his inexplicable anger are highly unnatural. It becomes clear that Ahsan lacks the qualities of a hero.

The smell is gone. His fiancee, his only ray of hope, bluntly rejects his marriage proposal to his face. Shamsheer, far from being a hero, is nothing more than a flawed protagonist and a constant tormentor. He simply proceeds to stalk and harass Mehek and her family. He calls Mehek and informs her that he has no choice but to marry her, and when she expresses her preference for death, he haughtily tells her that he will not let her suffer that fate. Can prevent facing The sword claims to be almost like God, God forbid.

Shamsher’s family, who live in a different area, firmly believe that it is the smell that is luring Shamsher and fail to realise that Shamsher is the one pursuing them. Shamsher’s mother and sister-in-law conspire to visit Mehek’s house to teach him a lesson and ensure that he stays away from Shamsher. Shamsher’s sister-in-law is a rude woman who goes to the extent of insulting and humiliating Mehek’s father. Fortunately, Mahek possesses both a strong character and courage. She retaliates by throwing a glass of water in her sister-in-law’s face.

Unfortunately, this act leads to Mehek gaining a formidable enemy, as Shamsher’s sister-in-law is determined to never forgive Mehek or her family. Shamsher’s sister-in-law, being an influential woman, turns the whole situation into a matter of personal ego and lets her status go to her head. She tells Shamsher that they went to Mehek’s house to propose her marriage, but instead, Mehek’s family misbehaves with them, and Mehek himself throws a glass of water on her face. Shamsher finds it hard to believe that Mahek could do such a thing, but her naivety makes him believe it and fuels his anger. Despite initially showing some courage, Mehek now fears the possible consequences he may face. Additionally, the frequent mention of “middle class” people, especially regarding Mahek’s father, becomes quite disturbing. Nonetheless, it was an overall interesting episode.