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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Ep 7 – 22 June 2022 Presented By Head & Shoulders (Eng Subtitles) ARY Digital

Review of Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Episode Seven: Mahek is forced to accept Shamsher’s marriage.

Shamsher finally finds Mehek at his aunt’s residence. One thing that bothers me is why Mahek would walk out the door, knowing full well the danger the sword poses. Maybe her aunt had let her in unintentionally, and Mehek could have run away with Shamsher, pretending she wasn’t there. However, Shamsher forcibly drags her back to her aunt’s house.

Mehek’s uncle tries to confront Shamshir in his own way, but he soon realises that he is no match for him. Shamsher behaves very inappropriately with everyone present and brazenly announces that he will marry Mehek within three days, despite her obvious hatred for Mehek. He openly professes his love for her and then threatens to harm her family if she does not comply with the date set for their wedding.

With no viable alternative, Mehek reluctantly agrees to marry Shamsher on the prearranged day. This begs the question: Is this really the only choice Mahek has? Why is she so submissive? Why doesn’t she speak for herself? Why doesn’t she fight for her right to choose? Mehek’s sister, being a social media influencer and blogger, must understand the power of social media. So why didn’t he bring this situation to the fore on social media and seek public support?

Shamsher is excited about their upcoming wedding, and he shares the news with his family. At first, his father resists, but Shamsheer casually informs him that he is ready to refuse if necessary, as he refuses to back down from marrying his beloved. Shamsher’s father reluctantly agrees to the marriage, but it seems to be a strategic move on his part. Shamsher’s sister-in-law raised an uproar, threatening to leave the house in response to the decision. Shamsher is overjoyed when Mehek calls her and expresses her consent to the marriage. However, Shamshir cannot be absolved of misusing the aroma. His obsessive love does not justify his actions. We shouldn’t let Shamsher be honoured as a hero because he is anything but.