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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Episode 2 – 18th May 2022 (English Subtitles) ARY Digital Drama

Review of Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Episode 2: Mahek and her family are being pursued by Shamsher

ARY Digital has recently launched a charming drama series titled “Kisi Teri Khudarghazi”, which has already aired two episodes. From the very first episode, it becomes clear that the story revolves around toxic obsession, effectively portraying an authoritarian attitude. In the latest episode, this totalitarianism persists as Shamsheer takes advantage of his absolute power and position to torture Mehek and his family.

The episode opens with a grand entrance outside Shamsheer Mehek’s house, accompanied by his guards. In front of his neighbours and his father, he shamelessly says, “Apki beti par dil aya hai mera” (My heart is set on your daughter). Ignoring any boundaries, he forces his way into the house and demands her hand in marriage. However, his advances are met with rebuffs, yet the sword is not deterred.

Shamsheer’s behaviour reflects his feudal mentality, in which he treats a girl as his property simply because he wants her. He goes so far as to attack her university, using various tactics to win over Mehek’s father. In a desperate attempt, he donates a substantial amount of money, hoping that it will sway him. Mehek’s father is understandably furious but refrains from reporting the matter to the police, believing that it will only make the situation worse.

The depiction of the university scene and the ensuing fight sequence is reminiscent of a movie, where Shamsher, like a hero, easily overpowers the boys trying to protect Mehek. Such glorification sits uneasily and leaves a bitter aftertaste. Furthermore, Shamsheer, portrayed as a drug user with extraordinary physical prowess, defies logic by single-handedly overpowering a group of boys like an action hero. Mehek’s fiancee, Ahsan, is portrayed as a coward when Mehek desperately cries for help. This is relevant, as we witness similar incidents in the real world, where girls are subjected to feudal treatment and no one dares to involve the authorities.

Shamsher boldly crosses all boundaries when he once again goes to Mehek’s house and forces her to go with him. Mahek’s biggest mistake is succumbing to his pressure and accompanying him in his car. With no other option and her fiancé lacking courage, she reluctantly agrees. Mehek’s father should never have allowed him to go with him, knowing that Samshir is capable of anything. Shamsheer takes her on an apparently romantic dinner date, where she gathers the courage to reject his advances. However, Shamsheer is not the type of person to take rejection lightly. Known for his explosive temper and short temper, he is determined to make Mehek’s life a living hell!