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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Episode 3 – 25th May 2022 (English Subtitles) ARY Digital Drama

Review of Episode 3 of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi: the Poisoned Hounding Continues

ARY Digital’s drama series, “Kisi Teri Khudgarzi,” follows a familiar story of toxic love and obsession. The show lacks originality, and we have seen Danish Taimur in similar roles before. In the last episode, Shamsheer’s scent and his family’s relentless pursuit were evident. In this episode, the madness and agony continue as Shamsher manipulates Mehek’s father, framing him in a false case to get Mehek’s attention.

Shamsheer refuses to accept Mahek’s refusal gracefully. He sees this as a personal insult and wants revenge. Mehek and his family are relentlessly pursued in this episode. Taking it a step further, he frames Mehek’s vulnerable father in a false case, using it to gain Mehek’s attention. Shamsheer’s role has gone down so much that it becomes difficult to define him as a protagonist.

Mehek’s father, portrayed as an honest, God-fearing, law-abiding person, undergoes extreme torture in police custody. The policemen are mere pawns in the hands of Shamsheer’s family, following his orders without question. This tactic used by Shamshir is intended to win Mehek’s sympathy, and unfortunately, he succeeds. Mehek is left with no choice but to call Shamsher and request his father’s release.

Mehek’s father’s helplessness is understandable, and it highlights the disparity between social classes. However, I condemn his reactionary line, “Mira kya kasur hai ke main beti ka baap hoin” (It is my fault that I am the father of daughters), as it is an outdated statement. Such dialogues should be avoided given the repeated use of similar lines in other plays, such as Habs, where Ayesha’s mother often speaks them. Should. Although class disparity is a recurring theme, it reveals the flaws in our system, which primarily favours the privileged class while neglecting the middle class.

The drama is full of clichés, such as the rich feudal lord falling in love with a middle-class girl, constantly harassing her family, and the rich family rejecting their son’s choice. Nauman Ejaz’s portrayal of Seth Dilawar is powerful, but his character lacks novelty, as we have witnessed similar characters in the past. Shamsher shares his desire to marry someone from a middle-class family with his family, but Seth Dilawar strongly opposes the idea. Little do Seth Dilawar and his family know that it is their son who has made Mehk and his family’s lives hell. They mistakenly believe that the smell has seduced the sword.