How To Choose The Ultimate Motorcycle Jacket

Biker jackets – they’re not just for bikers anymore! A cool motorcycle jacket is an essential fashion accessory, and everyone should own at least one. Read on to learn the essential tips to finding the right jacket for you, and how to make it work with almost any outfit.

Choosing the Right Jacket

When it comes time to purchase a motorcycle jacket, there are several important things to consider. Although many riding jackets could be considered unisex or non-gendered, women can sometimes feel uncomfortable in the straight lines or men’s jackets or feel like they aren’t flattering for their body shape. To alleviate this concern, most companies offer women’s jackets with wider, flaring hips, and a different shoulder cut to accentuate an hourglass-like shape.

Types of Cuts

For men, the cut of the jacket is simpler, with boxier lines and edges. The three main styles of cuts for motorcycle jackets are:

  • American cut
  • European cut
  • Race cut

The American cut is a typical ‘50s style motorcycle jacket, something you will find in Grease or on Marlon Brando. This is typically what people picture when they think of a biker jacket, and therefore, will serve as a classic and striking accessory on top of almost any outfit. Depending on what image you are trying to convey with the jacket, you can choose a sleeker and more minimalist style, or you can go all out with prominent zippers, a wide collar, and maybe a lapel, which will give you a classic mobster-type of look that is always in style.

In contrast, the European cut is slimmer, with a more narrow profile and style, and usually has fewer additions, such as zippers and pockets. Choose this style if you have a taller or more narrow frame, or want your jacket to blend in with a wider variety of outfits.

If the jacket you are looking to buy is not primarily for fashion or style, but will actually be utilized primarily for riding, you may want to consider looking into a race cut style jacket. This jacket may have curved sleeves, a more aerodynamic cut, and impact-resistant body armor to protect you in the event of a crash.

Always Fashionable

Whichever type of jacket you choose, one thing is for sure: the right leather jacket will always be in style. Nothing projects an image of coolness, confidence, and rebelliousness like a leather jacket partly because of its powerful and ubiquitous image within Hollywood, worn on stars like James Dean, John Travolta, and Marlon Brando. No matter your age, gender, or preferences, find the right jacket for you today, and take your style to the next level with a motorcycle jacket