Tere Bin Ep 53 Promo

Tere Bin Ep 53 Promo: Fans Embrace Murtasim’s Return

Get ready for Tere Bin Ep 53! Fans rejoice as Murtasim makes a comeback. Don’t miss the excitement and drama unfolding!

Tere Bin Episode 53 Teaser – 8th June 2023 – HAR PAL GEO

Tere Bin has been an emotional rollercoaster, constantly captivating fans with its unexpected twists and turns. However, the recent episodes of this gripping drama left the viewers frustrated as Murtasim embarked on a relentless search for Meerab, who had sought refuge in Farrukh Khan’s house. These particular episodes seemed to drag on, leaving the fans disheartened and labeling them as unbearably lackluster. But amidst the disappointment, a glimmer of hope emerged through the captivating promo of Tere Bin’s Episode 53.

In the promo, Murtasim’s fiery demeanor towards Haya and Maa Begum rekindled the fans’ enthusiasm. He expressed his unwavering determination to find his beloved wife, Meerab. Witnessing this strong-willed side of Murtasim once again brought joy to the hearts of the fans, who longed to see the return of the old Murtasim. Notably, many fans of Wahaj Ali, the talented actor portraying Murtasim’s character, criticized those who had prematurely judged and disparaged his character without giving the story a chance to unfold.

In this compelling promo, Murtasim made it explicitly clear to his mother that he would not cease his search for Meerab. He also confronted Haya, firmly warning her to steer clear of his personal space. Wahaj Ali’s exceptional acting prowess shone brilliantly in this scene, alongside the remarkable performances of Bushra Ansari and Sabeena Farooq. The promo left an indelible mark on the hearts of the viewers.

Fans have expressed their overwhelming satisfaction with Tere Bin’s Episode 53 promo, claiming to watch it repeatedly. They revel in witnessing the resurrection of the old Murtasim, and their previous criticism of his character now fills them with embarrassment. The scene in which Murtasim insults Haya and asserts his unwavering love for Meerab resonated deeply with the fans. The promo’s positive vibes have bolstered their spirits, leaving them eagerly anticipating the forthcoming episode. The entire Tere Bin fan community is brimming with excitement, as reflected in the following tweets and comments:


The overwhelming response from the fans speaks volumes about the impact Tere Bin has had on their emotions. The promo has reignited their love for the show and has them eagerly awaiting what lies ahead. Have you watched Tere Bin’s promo? Share your thoughts and emotions with us!