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OLX Pakistan: Empowering Thousands of Small Businesses in 2023

Empower your small business in 2023 with OLX Pakistan. Join thousands of entrepreneurs and unlock new opportunities for success.

As the year 2022 came to a close, OLX, Pakistan’s leading online marketplace, took a moment to reflect on the data-driven insights gained from a wide range of product and service categories. Analysing the trends and shifts in consumer behaviour on the OLX platform, particularly during the strict lockdowns imposed on small-scale businesses in Pakistan, provides valuable insights into the impact of online exchanges.

Thriving in Challenging Times

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the online exchange of goods and services gained immense popularity. With movement restrictions in place, the services category experienced a remarkable boost of 99% in 2022. Subcategories such as movers and packers, tax services, security, car rental, web development, and online education witnessed skyrocketing demand. This surge in the services category played a vital role in helping numerous small businesses and individuals sustain their livelihoods during these challenging times.

Exponential Growth in Multiple Categories

With traditional retail markets closed, OLX saw a remarkable surge in 11 out of 14 categories, each experiencing growth of over 100% compared to previous years. These categories included pets (205%), mobiles (187%), bikes (160%), fashion and beauty (157%), electronics and home appliances (146%), business, industrial, and agriculture (141%), vehicles (136%), jobs (135%), books, sports, and hobbies (126%), kids (117%), and furniture and home décor (100%).

Trillions Traded on OLX

In 2022, goods worth Rs. 2.2 trillion were traded through OLX, with the vehicle category making a significant contribution of Rs. 0.9 trillion to the total value. The top three car brands on OLX were Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda, with over 250,000, 130,000, and 91,000 vehicle listings, respectively. This shows the immense popularity of OLX as a platform for buying and selling vehicles in Pakistan.

Mobiles: A Hot Selling Category

Among the top-selling categories on OLX, mobiles stood out prominently. The three leading mobile brands in 2022 were Samsung, Apple, and Huawei, with more than 490,000, 440,000, and 214,000 mobile listings on OLX, respectively. These numbers indicate the trust and popularity of OLX among consumers when it comes to buying and selling mobile devices.


In 2023, OLX Pakistan will continue to empower thousands of small businesses and individuals by providing a robust platform for online exchanges. The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst, driving demand for various goods and services through the OLX platform. With exponential growth in multiple categories and trillions of transactions, OLX has solidified its position as Pakistan’s premier online marketplace.

Whether it’s selling second-hand items, finding job opportunities, or connecting with service providers, OLX offers a convenient and reliable solution for consumers and businesses alike. By adapting to changing market dynamics and embracing the power of online platforms, small businesses in Pakistan have found a lifeline in OLX, contributing to the growth of the overall economy.

In the coming years, OLX Pakistan aims to further enhance its services, provide a seamless user experience, and foster greater trust among its users. By doing so, OLX will continue to empower thousands of small businesses and individuals, ensuring a thriving online marketplace that benefits both buyers and sellers across the country.