Buy Online Mbroidered Eid Collection 2018 By Maria-B

Mbroidered Eid Collection 2018 By Maria-B

Mbroidered Eid Collection 2018 By Maria-B  Maria-B has been working in women’s retail for over 14 years now, consistently creating a market for the urban working woman and targeting the middle class, urging them to buy quality designs at affordable prices. One cannot place this design house as high-end couture, but one can definitely applaud her for creating a place for herself in the retail market.

Mbroidered Eid Collection 2018 By Maria-B

The design house has over time launched various lines catering to different segments of the market. From a micro-managed couture line to prêt a porter, formals to luxury prêt, one can see the evolution of the brand through these micro-collections. Along with these, Maria Butt launched Mbroidered Eid Collection 2018 By Maria-B a line of linens for Fall/Winter 2013, along with limited edition Indian Pashminas. Recent history has seen a rise in the trend of retailing embellished fabric pieces. With retailers such as Threads & Motifs, Cross Stitch, Needles, Impressions and many others already in the market, Maria B also enters the markets with her latest line, MBroidered fabrics Mbroidered Eid Collection 2018 By Maria-B.

Mbroidered Eid Collection 2018 By Maria-B

“The idea has always been to revolutionise and make accessible women’s retail in the country,” says Maria Butt, CEO Maria B, “I have always catered to the 56% of middle class that resides in Pakistan. There needs to be an avenue for them to shop and wear affordable yet trendy clothes. Mbroidered is the first designer collection based in embroidered silks, and with our new line, we endeavour to reveal new collections every 2 months.”

This new range targets the slightly older women, and while there are designs suited for ladies in their mid to late 20’s, the major target audience ranges between the ages of 35 and 65. The collection features 15 designs on pure Chinese silk chiffons, grip and kaftan fabrics, in two color variations.

From digital animal prints to the feminine French rose, the motifs appearing in this particular line draw influences from the Ottoman Empire, Phulkari and Mughal embroideries. The color palette is diverse, from pastels and earthy tones to bright highlights and velvet accents.

“We have already launched itMbroidered Eid Collection 2018 By Maria-B in the UAE and the response has been very good,” continues Butt, “the line is such that the outfits can be worn to a wide range of events. From formal lunches all the way to dholkis, I feel it has versatility.”

The collection Mbroidered Eid Collection 2018 By Maria-B will be in retail starting March 1, 2014 at all Maria B stores, along with leading retailers around the country.

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